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VSP Promotions

We are the fastest growing sports entertainment company in Asia, with a particular focus in Vietnam. VSP identify local talent, train them at our VSP Boxing gym, and are renowned for conducting the biggest and best fight promotions. We aim to make professional boxing mainstream in Vietnam, a sport that people LOVE to do, and LOVE to watch!  And we would love to work with partners that will make that happen even faster!

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VSP Boxing

The first and the only 5 Star rated boxing gym in Vietnam. We are located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, and work in collaboration with the government of Vietnam. We train national boxing team members, and also for the selected few, transition them into professional boxing. Our boxers have won numerous international competitions, and also have qualified for the Olympics as well.

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Victory8 is VSP's very own “premiere” boxing event brand that is unique in so many ways!  The elite boxers from Vietnam are matched up with fighters from around the world, making it both a sporting and cultural spectacle followed by many countries. The events are conducted in iconic locations, and are seamlessly integrated with live music and entertainment, creating a very inclusive and festival style atmosphere. Our most recent Victory8 event in Hanoi attracted a live audience of over 25,000 people, with millions of local television views, and an international reach of 100mil+ views on internet. Contact us now to find out how VSP and Victory8 can build your brand!

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VSP PRO schedule in VSP Boxing for 2023

START SIGN UP for VSP PRO #9 on 28/10/2023

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Monthly Professional Boxing

On the last Saturday of each month, VSP Boxing gym will be hosting professional boxing events which will be recognized internationally. There will be 6~8 fights per month and it will be televised on major TV Network.

If you want to start pro boxing career, here is the procedure:

1. Register HERE . Registration will be on a rolling basis.

2. You will be contacted for Fitness & Rules testing at VSP Boxing Gym. For fitness, you need to show that you can complete 4 rounds of sparring under professional rules.

3. Please contact us for fight purse information.

4. You do not require testing if you are a member of National Boxing Team, Army Team, have finished in top 5 position in the latest national boxing championship, or a registered VSP Boxer.

See our VSP PRO page for more detailed information


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