First Pro Boxing series by VSP Promotions aims to introduce more fighters in to the pro ranks.



February 25, 2023


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to VSP PRO boxing girl Ngo Ngọc Linh Chi who just picked up Gold in the National Youth tournament.

Linh Chi won the 48kg category for 17-18 years, and despite it being a talent laden weight class, she showed some really good skills that complemented her signature high workrate style of boxing.

The Hanoi based fighter showed huge potential with her successful debut at VSP PRO in February,  and it appears the sky is the limit for Ngo Ngọc Linh Chi.

Pretty to watch !

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VSP PRO Returns to HCMC!

On March 25th, Ho Chi Minh City will once again host the highly anticipated professional boxing event, VSP PRO 3. This will be the third installment of the series, which has already gained a reputation for showcasing some of the most talented boxers in the country.

The event will feature both returning boxers who are looking to continue their professional careers, as well as debut fighters who are eager to make their mark in the sport. VSP PRO 2, which took place last month, was a thrilling event that left fans eagerly anticipating the next installment.

Boxing fans can expect a night of intense action and skillful displays of athleticism, as some of the most promising boxers in Vietnam take to the ring.

The event will be held at a VSP Boxing Gym in Ho Chi Minh City, and tickets are expected to sell out quickly. Fans who are unable to attend the event in person can still catch the action via live on VTV Cab and Youtube.

Overall, VSP PRO 3 is shaping up to be an exciting event, with an impressive lineup of talented boxers set to take center stage. Boxing enthusiasts and sports fans alike should not miss this opportunity to witness some of the most skilled fighters in Vietnam compete in the ring.

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Outstanding youth prospect Bùi Việt Hoàng made a big splash at his pro debut in February 2023. The Hanoi Boxing Academy protégée was exhilarating, fighting a Draw with and equally talented Phan Minh Quân from HCMC.

Hoàng returns to VSP PRO later this month, and gets an opportunity to open his professional account. Watch this northern boy - he is just turned 18 and may just end up one of Vietnam's best fighters !

Don't say we didn't tell you !!!

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Come and see the hottest young fight talent in Vietnam ! Get close to see the future stars.

All professional bouts !


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Saturday February 25th  Starts 6pm


VSP Boxing Gym

147 Đ. Nguyễn Du, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

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Both only 17 years of age, and making professional boxing debuts at the VSP PRO this Saturday night.

Bui Viet Hoång and Ngo Ngoc Linh Chi are both former national youth champs, and given they are Hanoi born, nothing will daunt them !

Tune in Saturday to see seven huge action bouts.


Saturday February 25th  Starts 6pm

VSP Boxing Gym

147 Đ. Nguyễn Du, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

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Saturday February 25th  Starts 6pm

VSP Boxing Gym

147 Đ. Nguyễn Du, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh



Saturday February 25th  Starts 6pm

VSP Boxing Gym

147 D. Nguyen Du, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

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The youngest fighter to contest VSP PRO this month is Hanoi girl Ngo Ngoc Linh Chi, who matches up with Matrix Gym power puncher Le Thi Ngoc Hanh.

At only 17 years of age, and making her Pro debut, Chi started to learn boxing in May 2017.

Her aptitude was obvious, and she began competing in 2020 - achieving a silver medal in national youth championship in 2020, a bronze medal in the national youth championship in 2022, and also a bronze medal of national club championship in 2022 . Busy girl, and learning fast !!

Come watch Linh Chi and a host of great young fighters make their pro debut later this month in HCMC.

"VSP PRO"  Professional Boxing Event

Saturday February 25th   Starts 6pm

VSP Boxing Gym

147 Đ. Nguyễn Du, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

VSP Boxing Gym

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"VSP PRO" Professional Boxing Event Feb 25th

Live from VSP Boxing Gym in HCMC Vietnam

Action starts 6pm sharp.

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First VSP PRO of 2023  is set!  We will be running monthly official professional boxing event which will be notified to international boxing organizations.  

If you are interested to get your name registered as professional boxer, contact us now!  

February 25, 2023 - 6Pm

Live on VTVcab, FB, YouTube

Registration open for March 25th VSP PRO #3 now!




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Le Hoang Hiep is calling out anybody willing to get in the ring with him February 25th  for the upcoming VSP PRO at VSP Gym in HCMC.

But he has some ominous advice :

"Wear two mouthguards, and take out some insurance. Life insurance I mean !

I watched that guy JonJon Estrada recently, and wow, that's a guy who really knows how to clean house. I think I've learned some new stuff watching him.

I'm ready to drop bombs on February 25. Baby Kong is coming to put the judges out of a job ! BOOOM !!"

VSP PRO      Professional boxing event

Saturday February 25th    6pm start

VSP Boxing Gym

147 Đ. Nguyễn Du, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

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Live boxing in Ho Chi Minh City is BACK !


Two years of miserable pandemic, and Saigon has been starved of action packed sports entertainment.

VSP PRO will showcase some of Vietnam's best young prospects - all making their professional debuts.

7 great fights boasting whiz kids from Saigon and Hanoi - including a bout featuring two hot girls that are desperate for north/south bragging rights.

And make no mistake, all these boxers are chasing the same dream -


And VSP Boxing Gym are offering the best new year's present of all - free admission for everyone to come and enjoy the VSP PRO !

This will be the first of many Saturday night events in HCMC this year, so get to VSP and watch some of Vietnam's hottest young talent go at it.

The show will also be broadcast live on WebTheThao and VTV Cable if you aren't lucky enough to be there on the night.


Saturday February 25th    6pm start

VSP Boxing Gym

147 Đ. Nguyễn Du, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

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Le Hoang Hiep took a dive in the deep end when he took on the Philippines Jetro Pabustan last December.

Despite jumping some weight classes, the rumored Russian gang member was confident he could handle the former WBO World title contender, and true to his word, he delivered a great all action display.

Baby Kong will return to the ring for VSP PRO this month, and as usual, he is immodest about his prospects.

"Please get me the address of my opponent's parents, I will send an apology note and flowers.

Sorry for the ass kickin' It was just all business. Signed Baby Kong!"


Saturday February 25th


147 Đ. Nguyễn Du, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

Lorence Rosas sitting


When talking about the fabled Vietnamese Tiger fighting spirit, they surely must have based the narrative around Thai Hoang Huy !

This former HCMC Muay Thai champion fell in love with boxing only in recent times, and made his debut in an exhibition bout against an absolute killer named JonJon Estrada - a man who has created absolute carnage in just about every fight he contests.

Estrada had previously scored 15 wins as a professional and owns THE BEST knockout stats in the featherweight division - 14 of his victims have been put to sleep !

And Thai Hoang Huy had NEVER even competed in a boxing match !

Huy did a great job, and after surviving a round one knockdown, traded leather with Estrada until the referee stopped the match in round 3.

It was great learning for the fighter with the ring name of Nak Su, which naturally enough, means WARRIOR.

Saturday February 25, Nak Su is back, and will make his professional debut at VSP PRO.

Huy will contest a 4 round bout in the featherweight class of 57kg.

It is certainly been a crazy ride for the former muay thai fighter who hadn't tried boxing untll  3 months ago !

Latest blog posts

Elorde boxers
February 29, 2024


Botswana’s Moabi "The Eagle" Ngaka " is a man well versed with the habitat of lions, and he will need to draw on all that hometown knowledge on March 30th when he steps into the ring with the Philippines' Mark John Yap. 
The two boxers will contest the World Boxing Foundation International title - a main event contest over 10 rounds to decide the Super Featherweight champion.
And the task for Ngaka is daunting to say the least !

Despite being a talented member of the national team in Botswana, he has literally had to jump at the very limited pro opportunities that have come his way, amassing a 3-1 record. And if you include his bouts not listed in BoxRec, he is already 7-1. 
There is no doubt that Moabi Ngaka has the makings of quality international boxer. 
But against Mark John Yap - REALLY ? 

It's just impossible to see that he has the experience to go with a man that has 17 years in the pro ranks, had an unbeaten run of 10 wins in Japan over 3 years where he tore some of their very best to shreds. Yap picked up three OPBF titles in a winning run that was finally ended in a points loss to world rated #2 Takuma Inoue.

But here's the interesting footnote - Moabi Ngaka specifically asked for the task ! There were a number of easier opponents that the African boxer could have taken, but he chose the Philippines Journey Man instead. 

"I want Mark John Yap !! He is a warrior, so am I - so lets GO TO WAR ! 
I'm not here to play around, I train hard, and I fight harder. I want to test myself with real fighters, and they don't come any more real than Yap."

Those close to the Botswana boxer share his belief, and say he is ripe to pull off a big upset against his Philippines rival. Ngaka is renowned for his cardio and loose movement in the ring, and they are of the opinion that Yap will be air swinging on old legs in later rounds.

"I want everyone to tune in on March 30th - I will say that this will be a war, and I will drop Mark Yap. Maybe more than once. They will all be saying that the EAGLE HAS LANDED."

Maun National Stadium Botswana, Africa 
Saturday March 30th 

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Elorde boxers
February 28, 2024


Classy Elorde boxer Arnel Baconaje will head to Botswana next month as part of a formidable Asian Team that will do battle with African nations. 
"The Silencer" will take on Steven Bagwasi - a boxer that many rate as one of the most outstanding talents in Botswana. 
Bagwasi has 8 wins on his resume, with only one loss, which was back in 2018 to South Africa's national champion Ayanda Nkosi.
But to tame a lion like Bagwasi, plenty of hard work and lots of skill will be required, and Arnel Baconaje "The Silencer" was working on both today. Mixing it up with Arnel in sparring at Elorde was Japanese visitor Reito Takahashi, a highly promising 135lb fighter.

#rumbleintheokavango #elordetv #vspboxing #Webthethao #VSPPromotions #elordegym #elorde
Elorde boxers
February 27, 2024


Crowd pleasing brawler JonJon "the Wolverine" Estrada heads for the depths of Africa next month, when he stars at the RUMBLE IN THE OKAVANGO show on March 30th. 
Estrada will take on the sharp shooting Jeff Magagane, a man who has long been touted as one of South Africa's major talents. 
The boxer was rated as high as #1 at various stages of his career, but lack of consistency of regular bouts have conspired against him winning a major title.
Jeff Magagane goes by the ring name of "911" - which gives some obvious insights into his style, but this boxer is much much more. 
He is tall, rangy, has great hands, and is really adept out of both stances. He mixes his speed and delivery so well that when he is "on", he is equal parts deceptive as he is elusive. And with only one fight in 2023, Magagane is determined to post an emphasis performance against Estrada and get back into the world rankings. 
As for JonJon Estrada - well,it's business as usual ! 
He is well versed with taller and faster opponents - he will be a dangerous snake in the grass waiting to strike. This is a significantly important match for Estrada, and he is expected to be a heavy underdog in this bout.
But as you know with the heavy handed Wolverine - simply learn to expect the unexpected !!

Maun National Stadium Botswana, Africa 
Saturday March 30th 

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Elorde boxers
February 21, 2024



World Boxing Foundation International title 130lb 
Maun National Stadium, Maun Botswana 
Saturday March 30th 

#rumbleintheokavango #vsppromotions #vspboxing ##elordegym #ElordeTV #WebTheThao
Elorde boxers
February 20, 2024


Thai Hoang Huy gets rewarded for his improving performances in 2O23 with his first bout outside of the country. 
Huy only began boxing 18 months ago, and was inspired to try the professional game after contesting an exhibition bout with Philippines' JonJon Estrada. The Wolverine gave him encouragement to keep training and stay busy, and he took the advice from the experienced Estrada. 
Thai Hoang Huy has since won 4 from 6 in 2O23, yet it was in his most recent bout, that he got a lucky break.
Despite losing to Botswana champion Moabi Ngaka, the African liked what he saw, and requested for Huy to have an opportunity to fight abroad in Botswana. 
RUMBLE IN THE OKAVANGO affords that opportunity, and on March 30th, Huy will join 3 other Vietnam 🇻🇳 boxers in an Asian team that will tackle the African nations. 
Thai Hoang Huy meets Zambia 🇿🇲 hotshot David Kapusu, a quality prospect that won impressively at his debut.
VSP wish Thai Hoang Huy lots of luck with his fight in Botswana - draw your inspiration from the LIONS !

#vspboxing #Webthethao #VSPPromotions #rumbleintheokavango #elordegym #elorde
Elorde boxers
February 20, 2024


Team Africa just received a huge boost with breaking news that Kagiso Bagwasi will be joining the fray at RUMBLE IN THE OKAVANGO. 
Bagwasi is a 5-0 pro and a former amateur standout. 
The Botswana boxer started his professional career in blazing fashion, winning three bouts in quick succession before calamity struck.
Bagwasi was the victim of a vicious knife attack, leaving him unconscious and in need of multiple surgeries.
It was doubtful whether the talented welterweight would be able to resume his career after bicep damage incurred in the incident, but Bagwasi shed the drama like it was a second skin. It's perhaps why he has earned the ring name "Reptile" !!
Kagiso resumed in 2O22,  and has been in stunning form - a shutout victory followed up by a stunning knockout win ( both on the road in Johannesburg) endorsed that the Reptile was better than ever !
This signing is a huge coup for Team Africa, and it will take a supernatural performance from any opponent to beat Kagiso Bagwasi on his home turf !

#rumbleintheokavango #vspboxing #Webthethao #VSPPromotions #elordegym #elorde
Elorde boxers
February 19, 2024


The main event boxer that will face the Philippines' Mark John Yap has made the bold prediction that he will drop his counterpart at least once in next month's headliner.
This is a view that's endorsed by many in Africa that think Yap will age overnight, and that he doesn't have the speed or legs to go with his younger opponent. 

"Africa is different man. It's really hot here, we are used to it. And we have lots to deal with every day, fighting is what we love, and to have old men come to our backyard and beat us ? C'mon man, that just not gonna happen. 
Yah eish we are lions and we hungry !
Yap is a good fighter, but he won't be good against me. But respect - I know he will try hard, he will do his best to make it good for the people watching"

Moabi Ngaka heads a team of 11 boxers from the African nations of Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and Zimbabwe to fight in Maun on March 30th. 
Mark John Yap and Moabi Ngaka will compete for the World Boxing Foundation title at 130lb. 

Maun Stadium Botswana Africa 
Saturday March 30th 

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Elorde boxers
February 17, 2024


The African nations are renowned for their athletic talent, and RUMBLE IN THE OKAVANGO will showcase many of the continent's best emerging stars.
Namibia 🇳🇦 Lightweight prospect Hafeni Ngesheya is known in his country as "The Mexican" - courtesy of his dogged and relentless style, and his penchant for body assaults.
The 25 year old was one of the first boxers selected for Team Africa, a squad that comprises countries South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia.
Ngesheya is unbeaten in his professional career, boasting 6-0 with 3 knockouts on his resume, and he is just getting started ! 
RUMBLE IN THE OKAVANGO presents another exciting challenge and opportunity for the Namibian prospect, who was impressive in his two wins in the back end of 2023.
And the challenge and opportunity are extremely real (and formidable) - Ngesheya will take on the "Hanoi Hitman" Nguyen Van Hai - a real cornerstone for Team Asia.
But Namibia 🇳🇦 are known for great fighters, and you have to suspect that when Hafeni Ngesheya steps into that ring on March 30th, we will be left in no doubt as to why this hot prospect is called THE MEXICAN !!

Maun Stadium Botswana 🇧🇼 
Saturday March 30th 

#rumbleintheokavango #vspboxing #Webthethao #VSPPromotions #elordegym #elorde
Elorde boxers
February 16, 2024


 Former opponents - Vietnam's Thai Hoang Huy and Botswana's Moabi Ngaka, will meet again next month at a huge celebration of boxing in Africa.
RUMBLE IN THE OKAVANGO showcases many of the most promising boxers from the African nations, and pairs them with champions from the Philippines 🇵🇭, China 🇨🇳, India 🇮🇳 and Vietnam 🇻🇳. 
Moabi "The Eagle" Ngaka is scheduled to fight the main event, a WBF International title match with one of the Philippines best performed international stars - Mark John Yap. 
Thai Hoang Huy will be the least experienced of four Vietnam boxers who have been included in the TEAM ASIA squad. 
Despite taking up boxing only 18 months ago, Huy has wasted no time, racking up 4 wins in 6 bouts in the space of a year. Not one to avoid a challenge, Huy will appear in the opening match against Namibia's highly promising David Kapusu, who scored impressively at his much awaited debut.

Live from Maun Stadium Botswana, Africa 
Saturday night March 30

#rumbleintheokavango #vspboxing #VSPPromotions #elordegym #Webthethao #elorde
Elorde boxers
February 15, 2024


Take a good look at this picture.
Can you pick the FUTURE STARS ??

Welcome in the next crop of young talent !

The Flash Grand Ballroom Elorde Sports Centre 
Parañaque City Manila 
Friday March 1st
Elorde boxers
February 12, 2024


VSP regular JonJon "the Wolverine" Estrada returns to the ring in Pasay City Manila tomorrow night. 
The cult status boxer has fought on many VSP shows in Manila, and also performed in an exhibition bout at Ho Tram Vietnam in late 2022 against local hopeful Thai Hoang Huy. 
Estrada was controversially beaten by split decision against top level Jhon Gemino at his most recent outing, after having a point deducted for landing a "low blow".
The Wolverine is desperate to make amends for that "loss", so expect carnage in tomorrow's bout with Alvin Medura.

Weights from Midas Hotel and Casino, Pasay City, Philippines –

 Undercard Bouts(Gaballo-Pharob):

Featherweight Bout (6 rounds):
David Santisima: 124.8 lbs
Sandy Volante: 127.1 lbs

Super Flyweight Bout (4 rounds):
Abubakar Yanon: 112.8 lbs
Marsolo Pandian: 114.5 lbs

Lightweight Bout (6 rounds):
Yesimuhan Yeerkan: 142.4 lbs
Bryan Macamay: 141.6 lbs

Super Lightweight Bout (6 rounds):
Jino Rodrigo: 138.8 lbs
Monico Laurente: 133.5 lbs

Super Flyweight Bout (6 rounds):
Judy Flores: 118.6 lbs
Dennis Gaviola: 114.2 lbs

Lightweight Bout (6 rounds):
Jon Jon Estrada: 126.2 lbs
Alvin Medura: 126.2 lbs

Lightweight Bout (4 rounds):
Randy Tanondra: 135.5 lbs
Marven Malunes: 134.5 lbs

#vspboxing #elordegym #vsppromotions #rumbleintheokavango
Elorde boxers
February 12, 2024


Filipino pride Manny"pac man" Pacquiao responds to those who say he is too old to return to the ring

🗣️"Thank you to every person who has told me I can't. 
You are just another reason I will!"
Elorde boxers
February 13, 2024


JonJon Estrada in inimitable form at the weigh-in just moments ago, ahead of tomorrow night's great card in Pasay City. 

Estrada takes on the heavy handed Alvin Medura in a 6 round featherweight bout.
This is expected to be a smorgasbord of unbridled violence, as the Wolverine looks to redress a contentious last start defeat at the hands of Jhon Gemino. 
A knockout result by either fighter would be no surprise, with the Wolverine being favoured to be last man standing !

Estrada will stay busy in 2024 - next month he heads to Botswana to be part of an All Stars Asian team that will fight African nations in the RUMBLE IN THE OKAVANGO on March 30th.

#rumbleintheokavango #vspboxing #VSPPromotions #elordegym #Sanman #Webthethao
Elorde boxers
February 13, 2024


The Philippines Mark John Yap, Arnel Baconaje, JonJon Estrada and Vietnam legend Nguyễn Văn Hải are already on board for what will be the biggest show ever held in Africa. 
Many of Africa's best boxers are ready to welcome a hot Team Asia which will include the Philippines 🇵🇭, China 🇨🇳, India 🇮🇳 and Vietnam 🇻🇳. 

Maun Stadium Botswana 
Saturday March 30th 
Fight card announcements coming soon !

#rumbleintheokavango #vspboxing #Webthethao #VSPPromotions #elordegym #elorde
Elorde boxers
February 13, 2024


Weigh in and face off today  !
VSP wishes lots of luck to THE WOLVERINE JonJon Estrada and Jino Rodrigo  - and all the other great boxers that are weighing in today. 

Fight card:
▪️Reymart Gaballo vs. Phai Pharob, 10 rounds, bantamweight
▪️KJ Cataraja vs. Jun Blazo, 8 rounds, junior bantamweight
▪️Jino Rodrigo vs. Monico Laurente, 8 rounds, junior welterweight
▪️Judy Flores vs. Dennis Gaviola, 6 rounds, junior bantamweight
▪️Yesimuhan Yeerken vs. Bryan Macamay, 6 rounds, junior welterweight
▪️Jon Jon Estrada vs. Alvin Medura, 6 rounds, featherweight
▪️David Santisima vs. Sandy Volante, 6 rounds, featherweight
▪️Abubakar Yanon vs. Marsolo Pandian, 4 rounds, junior bantamweight
▪️Randy Tanodra vs. Marven Malunes, 4 rounds, junior welterweight

#Sanman #elorde #elordegym #vsppromotions #VSPPromotions #rumbleintheokavango #vspboxing
Elorde boxers
February 9, 2024


Teofimo Lopez's junior welterweight title defense against Jamaine Ortiz ended in a unanimous-decision victory for Lopez which elicited constant boos from the Mandalay Bay crowd. Lopez (20-1, 13 KOs) prevailed via scores of 117-111, 115-113 and 115-113.
Elorde boxers
February 6, 2024


 JonJon Estrada has some of the heaviest hands in the Philippines - and has the knockout stats to cure anyone's insomnia !
The predatory featherweight isn't known for his subtlety ot silky skills, but moreso for his ability to club opponents into submission. 
And he's good at it too - 82% of the Wolverine's 17 victims have ended in a slumber. 
Estrada fights heavy handed Alvin Medura next week in a prelude to a big international bout in the African jewel of Botswana on March 30th. And whilst it never pays to overlook an opponent, the Wolverine is planning to make Medura feel the wrath of a man who was controversially "beaten" at his most recent bout.
Estrada took on the high ranking Jhon Gemino in a rugged bout where he appeared to significantly outwork and outland Gemino, only to have a point deducted controversially for a low blow. The penalty made the difference, and the Wolverine was edged by split decision. 
The Wolverine has vowed to make a statement in Pasay City next week, and then turn his attention to the Okavango delta.
JonJon Estrada will be part of a team out of Asia that will go head to head with some of Africa's most exciting fighters. 
As for excitement, fans of the Wolverine know, he never fails to bring the BIG DRAMA SHOW !
Big news on the RUMBLE IN THE OKAVANGO event on Saturday March 30th coming soon !

#rumbleintheokavango #vietnamboxingorganization #vspboxing #Webthethao #VSPPromotions
Elorde boxers
February 4, 2024


African boxers are famed for their athleticism, their cat like reflexes, but even moreso, their crazy endurance.
Their boxers have great lungs, which makes them ever so hard to beat in longer fights.
And Mark John Yap heads to Botswana on March 30th for a leg sapping 10 round classic with local star Moabi Ngaka. 
Ngaka is fabled for his cardio, and rises at 4am to knock off 20km road runs before the sun beats hard. 
Well two can play at that game !
The "Journey Man" Mark John Yap competed in the Cagayan de Oro "marathon" earlier today, landing a top five finish in the 10km road race. And the good news is, he was doing his best work at the finish. 
Yap will spearhead a top international team in Botswana Africa next month, and is adament that he will have the legs to go with a younger and hungry Moabi Ngaka. 
Ngaka has already raised eyebrows stating he will drop Yap, and make a statement win that will shock Asia.
But dropping Yap will be no easy feat !
Mark John Yap has 34 wins on his resume, with his only losses in recent years being against unbeaten and world rated opponents. Often these were bouts taken at extremely short notice, or out of his weight class. He also has plenty of firepower of his own, sending 17 opponents to the canvas.
The war of words has only just begun !

Saturday March 30th Maun Stadium 

#rumbleintheokavango #vietnamboxingorganization #vspboxing #Webthethao #VSPPromotions
Elorde boxers
February 3, 2024


Japanese boxer Kazuki Anaguchi has died as a result of injuries suffered in his bout against Seiya Tsutsumi on the undercard of Naoya Inoue on December 26th. Japanese Boxing Commission announced on Friday of his death. Anaguchi was 23 years old. There will be a time when we discuss how we can avoid such tragedy from happening again but for now, we mourn his passing together as a boxing community.
Elorde boxers
February 1, 2024


Hot on the heels of news of Mark John Yap headlining a card in Botswana on March 30th, comes word that Arnel "the Silencer" Baconaje will also be joining the party.
In what is expected to be an iconic celebration of multi national boxing, the "RUMBLE IN THE OKAVANGO" will showcase many of Africa's rising talents from countries such as Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Namibia and Zimbabwe. 
Baconaje is one of the Philippines elite, and as a former RP national champion, he is expected to fly the flag high come March 30th.
News on The Silencer's opponent and the full fightcard will be breaking soon.

#rumbleintheokavango #vietnamboxingorganization #vspboxing #Webthethao #VSPPromotions
Elorde boxers
January 29, 2024


The "Hanoi Hitman" Nguyen Van Hai will return to the ring in Hoi An this March.
Hai, who has scored two sensational KNOCKOUT victories in recent fights, will be shooting for the WBO Oriental title against a top level international opponent.
Breaking news on this exciting fight coming soon.
Elorde boxers
January 30, 2024


The river town of Maun in the African country of Botswana is the gateway to the Okavango delta.
This is a lush wildlife habitat steeped in rich history, and known as possessing some of the most beautiful wetlands in the world. 
It is also home to some of the most deadly and dangerous animals on the planet !

And they don't get more gnarly and fierce than Cagayan de Oro son MARK JOHN YAP !!

Yap has earned the monicker of the "Journey Man" and he truly lives up to that reputation this coming March.
Mark John Yap heads to the backyard of Botswana champion Moabi Ngaka on a seek and destroy mission, and will headline a huge international event.
The "Rumble in the Okavango" show will be the biggest boxing in African history, and will include stars from the Philippines, China, Vietnam and India - pitted against Botswana’s hungry lions.

There is already massive interest out of Botswana to bet any amount of money to say that their boy will drop Mark John Yap to the canvas. 
Is it possible ???

#vietnamboxingorganization #vspboxing #Webthethao #VSPPromotions #rumbleintheokavango
Elorde boxers
January 26, 2024


The Grand Ho Tram showcases another big international event tomorrow night in Vung Tau.
The rules for all fighters, coaches and assistants were explained at this morning's meeting by Dr. Lim Song of the Vietnam Boxing Organisation - which is the accredited regulator of professional boxing in Vietnam.
Tomorrow night's show is brought to you by Cocky Buffalo Promotions.
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January 25, 2024


Big news breaking soon on the next fight for Mark John Yap THE JOURNEY MAN !!

It's BIG, and you will be surprised where he is headed !
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January 22, 2024


2024 has just begun and already 2 major international fights organized by Cocky Buffalo for January. Vietnam Boxing Organization looks forward to the day when more Vietnamese boxers will fight for regional titles.

Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, and Taiwan.  

VBO welcomes first boxers from Taiwan to Vietnam as a part of the ongoing cooperation with #PBC and #firstdrop promotion. We look forward to more opportunities between the two countries.

#vietnamboxingorganization #vbo #cockybuffalo #vietnamboxing
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January 17, 2024


It's the ignominious start to a pro boxing career that many dread. 
It's the reason why all managers and promoters give their fighters easybeats when they first debut as professionals.
But there was no such soft path for "Ferocious" Fernando Tagpuno, who was to suffer defeats at his first two bouts when he met top flight Jonniel Laurente (8-1) and Daniel Nicolas (7-2).
The losses would make many question their career choice, but for Tagpuno Jr, he was simply emboldened.
VSP commented at the time that the performances were great, and despite the losses, this young fighter has a big future. 
But Fernando Tagpuno needed to respond, and he did so, with FEROCIOUS intent.
Tagpuno siezed those early lessons, and then used them to batter 7 subsequent opponents !!
And there are some pretty decent names in that hit list !

"Ferocious" Fernando has been rewarded for his escalating displays of violence with a title shot on March 23rd in Australia. 
He is slated to take on outstanding indigenous prodigy Dana Coolwell for the IBO InterContinental Featherweight title in a bout that should blow the rafters off the Caloundra RSL Club.
"Deadly" Dana Coolwell rates as one of the most precocious talents in Aussie boxing, and was controversially defeated for a World Youth title while amasssing a 12-2 record. He is skilled, slick, and reminiscent of a young Paul Fleming.
The contrasting style of Tagpuno Jr will make it interesting - he brings pressure, and when he comes to your front door, he doesn't forget to knock. And he KNOCKS LOUD !!!
Great match up - Ferocious Fernando Tagpuno Jr v Deadly Dana Coolwell. Saturday March 23rd.
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January 13, 2024



Đối mặt võ sĩ trẻ Li Gui Ming, Trần Văn Thảo có được lợi thế nhờ các tình huống tấn công tốc độ ở những hiệp đầu tiên. Dù vậy, sức chịu đòn bất ngờ giúp Li Gui Ming vùng lên ở nữa cuối trận, buộc Thảo phải dùng chiến thuật di chuyển lùi chủ động ra đòn trước. Càng về những hiệp cuối, Trần Văn Thảo càng phải sử dụng các pha cắt góc, né tránh tối đa sức ép từ võ sĩ Trung Quốc.

Sau 8 hiệp đấu, Trần Văn Thảo giành chiến thắng đồng thuận trên cả ba bảng điểm của các giám định với tỷ số 78-74 78-72 77-75.

Các trận đấu được phát sóng độc quyền truyền hình trên TV360 . Truy cập https://tv360.vn/app tải ứng dụng TV360 để xem trực tiếp toàn bộ các trận đấu của giải boxing WAR IN PARADISE
#Webthethao #WBO #WarinParadise #VoThuat #TV360 #TranVanThao
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January 13, 2024


Mr. Danrex Tapdasan of WBO and Dr. Lim Song of #VBO leads officials training for KBC, KBA, and KBC officials in Korea. This 2-days training saw veteran referee & judges from Korea as well as promoters and managers come together to learn about the latest unified boxing rules.  

As to why VBO is supervising an event in Korea with PBC, Dr. Lim Song said: "I am humbled that VBO is recognized by established international commissions such as PBC, KBC and KBF. It is important that VBO continue to actively engage international professional boxing community to develop more opportunities for our boxers, and that they are treated fairly when they fight overseas."  

#vietnamboxingorganization #VBO
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January 11, 2024


Kể từ "biến cố" với chiếc cân dẫn tới việc phải từ bỏ chiếc đai vô địch IBF Châu Á hạng nhẹ (lightweight, 61kg) hồi cuối năm 2022, Đinh Hồng Quân đã không có thêm một lần thượng đài nào trong hơn một năm vừa qua.

Thế nhưng, có một điều chắc chắn anh đã khẳng định trong lần thượng đài tiếp theo: lên hạng super-lightweight (63,5kg).

Ở trận đấu trở lại tại WBO Title Match: War in Paradise ngày 13 tháng 1 tới đây, Quân sẽ chạm trán đối thủ Yoji Saito - võ sĩ 28 tuổi người Nhật Bản đang được xếp hạng 2,5 sao trên BoxRec. 

Nhìn qua bảng thành tích, Yoji Saito đang sở hữu 5 trận thắng - 4 trận thua cùng 2 kết quả hòa. Điểm đáng chú ý ở tiểu sử của võ sĩ người Nhật Bản chính là việc anh đều kết thúc các đối thủ trong những trận thắng của mình, và mới chỉ bị knockout một lần hồi tháng 3 năm ngoái.

Vậy, Đinh Hồng Quân có lợi thế nào trước tay đấm người Nhật.

Đầu tiên, Yoji Saito là võ sĩ thường xuyên thi đấu ở hạng super-featherweight, 59kg). Tức ở màn so tài sắp tới, anh sẽ phải tăng hai hạng cân, trong khi Quân chỉ phải lên một hạng cân.

Thứ hai, Đinh Hồng Quân đã trải qua các trận đấu kéo dài từ 10 tới 12 hiệp trong ba lần thượng đài gần nhất. Do đó, thể lực ở cuộc đối đầu kéo dài 8 hiệp sắp tới cùng Yoji Saito sẽ không phải vấn đề quá lớn.

Đó là thông tin trên bảng thành tích. Về thực tế, Yoji Saito là võ sĩ có lối đánh tấn công vũ bão ngay từ những hiệp đầu trận. Bằng chứng là 5 trận thắng knockout của võ sĩ này đều chủ yếu diễn ra trong các hiệp 1 và 2, trận thắng gần nhất cũng chỉ kéo dài tới hiệp 5.

Trái lại, hai trận thua gần đây của võ sĩ người Nhật Bản đều đến từ việc anh bị suy giảm thể lực trong các hiệp đấu cuối, dẫn tới việc mất thế trận hoặc bị knockout. 

Không quá khó để nhận ra, với một đối thủ ở hạng cân trên và thường xuyên đấu nhiều hiệp như Đinh Hồng Quân, Yoji Saito sẽ cố gắng tạo áp lực ngay từ đầu hòng chiếm lĩnh điểm số. Đây sẽ là thử thách cho võ sĩ của Việt Nam khi phải thích nghi lại với việc thi đấu 8 hiệp, nơi Quân không có nhiều thời gian để thăm do hay thích nghi chiến thuật như các trận tranh đai. 

WBO Title Match: War in Paradise sẽ bắt đầu lúc 16h00 ngày 13 tháng 1 theo giờ Việt Nam. Sự kiện sẽ được phát sóng trực tiếp trên các nền tảng của Fanpage - Youtube của Webthethao.vn

#vietnamboxingorganization #cockybuffalo #VSPPromotions 

#Webthethao #WBO #WarinParadise #VoThuat
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January 11, 2024

Đinh Hồng Quân

Đinh Hồng Quân là một trong những võ sĩ chuyên nghiệp nổi bật của Boxing Việt Nam. Tay đấm sinh năm 1998 từng giành chức vô địch IBF Châu Á năm 2022 với một trận bảo vệ đai thành công.

Đối thủ của Hồng Quân sẽ là võ sĩ người Nhật Bản Yoji Saito. Đây là tay đấm đã có 5 chiến thắng sau 10 lần thượng đài. Đặc biệt, tất cả các trận thắng của Yoji Saito đều bằng knock-out.

Trận đấu này sẽ đánh dấu sự trở lại của Đinh Hồng Quân ở hạng cân mới là hạng Super Lightweight (63,5kg) sau khi mất đai vô địch IBF vào cuối năm 2022. Chắc chắn võ sĩ của Việt Nam sẽ rất khao khát được thể hiện mình sẽ lấy lại niềm tin từ người hâm mộ.

#webthethao #WBOTitleMatch #DinhHongQuan
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January 11, 2024

Trần Văn Thảo in Korea

Trần Văn Thảo - Đại diện đầu tiên của Việt Nam góp mặt tại giải đấu WBO Title Match: War in Paradise sẽ có màn so găng hứa hẹn vô cùng hấp dẫn với tay đấm người Trung Quốc Li Gui Ming diễn ra vào ngày 13/1 tới đây!

Hãy cùng điểm qua một chút thông số của cả 2 võ sĩ trước trận ở graphic dưới đây nhé!

#vietnamboxingorganization #cockybuffalo #WARINPARADISE #vsppromotions 

#Webthethao #WBO #WarinParadise #VoThuat
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January 11, 2024

Trần Văn Thảo - Đinh Hồng Quân cập bến Hàn Quốc

Trần Văn Thảo - Đinh Hồng Quân cập bến Hàn Quốc, chuẩn bị cho buổi cân kí WBO Title Match: War in Paradise

Sáng ngày 11/1, hai võ sĩ Trần Văn Thảo và Đinh Hồng Quân đã cùng ban huấn luyện và các đồng đội team Cocky Buffalo cập bến thành phố Incheon, Hàn Quốc vào lúc 9h địa phương (tức 7h sáng Việt Nam) dưới cái lạnh -1 độ thấu xương, sau chuyến bay kéo dài 5 tiếng để chuẩn bị cho sự kiện WBO Title Match: War in Paradise. Cả hai sẽ có một ngày chuẩn bị trước buổi cân kí chính thức vào sáng ngày 12/1.

Ở ngày thi đấu 13/1, Trần Văn Thảo sẽ gặp đối thủ người Trung Quốc Li Gui Ming ở hạng bantamweight (53,5kg). Trong khi đó, Đinh Hồng Quân sẽ có trận đấu đầu tiên ở hạng super-lightweight (63,5kg) trước đối thủ Yoji Sato (Nhật Bản)

#Webthethao #WarinParadise #TranVanThao #DinhHongQuan #Vietnam
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January 9, 2024


Your professional boxing career is important.  This means making sure your fight record is accepted by international commissions.  BoxRec is becoming the official record keeper for professional boxing for many international organizations.  BoxRec is also the official record keeper for VBO.  This means if you work with VBO, your record will be recognized by BoxRec.
Elorde boxers
January 9, 2024

Nhà vô địch IBA thế giới Trần Văn Thảo

Nhà vô địch IBA thế giới Trần Văn Thảo (16 thắng, 1 thua, 10 thắng bằng knock-out) sẽ đối đầu võ sĩ người Trung Quốc Li Gui Ming (5 thắng, 4 thua, 1 bằng knock-out) ở hạng cân 53,5kg.

Trước đó hồi tháng 11 năm 2023, Văn Thảo đã có chiến thắng mãn nhãn bằng tính điểm trước võ sĩ dày dặn người Mexico Kenbun Torres tại sự kiện WBO Global Title Match diễn ra tại The Grand Ho Tram Strip (Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu) sau 12 hiệp đấu căng thẳng. Đối thủ Gui Ming Li của Trần Văn Thảo năm nay mới 23 tuổi, đã thượng đài 10 trận và được trang BoxRec đánh giá 1,5 sao cùng vị trí Top 4 trong số 24 võ sĩ chuyên nghiệp tại Trung Quốc.

Trần Văn Thảo là võ sĩ Boxing chuyên nghiệp đầu tiên tại Việt Nam. Thi đấu từ năm 2015, Văn Thảo đã đánh bại nhiều đối thủ tới từ Thái Lan, Philippines, Indonesia. Anh cũng là võ sĩ đầu tiên giành được một danh hiệu chuyên nghiệp với đai WBC Asia Interim năm 2017. 

Hiện tại, Trần Văn Thảo đang được xếp hạng 2 sao trên BoxRec cùng vị trí Top 1 hạng cân 53,5kg tại Việt Nam; hạng 103 trên 1053 võ sĩ cùng hạng cân trên toàn thế giới.

#webthethao #WBOTitleMatch #TranVanThao #cockybuffalo
Elorde boxers
January 6, 2024


Trào đón năm 2024 với trận đấu tại Hàn Quốc 🇰🇷
Việt Nam 🇻🇳 vs 🇨🇳 Trung Quốc

Inspector: Mr.Lim Song VBO Samson Iu PBC
Promoter: Cocky Buffalo Promotions
Elorde boxers
January 3, 2024


Two of Vietnam's best performed professional boxers Tran Van Thao and Dinh Hong Quân will star at a big event in Korea next week. 
"War in Paradise" will take place at the Paradise City Casino in Incheon, courtesy of the efforts of prolific promoter Cocky Buffalo. 
The event will be supervised by Mr. Lim Song of Vietnam Boxing Organization and Mr. Samson Iu of PBC Macau. 

#cockybuffalo #vietnamboxingorganization #vbo #vspboxing #vsppro
Elorde boxers
January 3, 2024

VBO Report for 2023

Vietnam Boxing Organization publishes its performance for 2023.
Elorde boxers
January 1, 2024


Richard Garde to challenge WBO Global in Korea
*story courtesy Lito delos Reyes

ORTHODOX Richard Garde from Cotabato Province will be fighting DianXing Zhu of China for the World Boxing Organization Global minimumweight title on January 13 at the Paradise City in Incheon, South Korea.

It will be the first time for Garde to fight outside the country.

The 29-year-old Garde (8-1-0, 7KOs) has won five of his last fights since November 2022.

Garde previously won the vacant Philippine Boxing Federation minimumweight title by knocking out Roslan Eco of Misamis Oriental in the 5th round last October 22, 2023 at the President Roxas Gym in President Roxas, Cotabato Province.

Zhu (11-1-0, 10KOs), on the other hand, has won his last six bouts since September 2020.

Zhu will be defending his WBO Global minimumweight title for the first time against Garde since he wrested it via a TKO against Sanchai Yotboon in the 3rd round last November 18, 2023 at The Grand Ho Tram Strip in Vung Tau, China.

Zhu earlier took the vacant WBC Asia Silver light flyweight title by a technical knockout over Narathin Sungut of Thailand in the 1st round at Sasakul Gym in Lam Luk Ka, Thailand in March 27, 2023.

He defended it by stopping Shane “Sugar Shane” Gentallan of Bohol in the 10th round last May 6, 2023 at Guindulman Civic Center in Guindulaman.

The fight of Garde-Zhu in South Korea will be promoted by Sang Bum Kim of the Cocky Buffalo Promotion.

The inspectors are Samson Iu and Lim Song.
Elorde boxers
December 29, 2023

WHAT'S COMING IN 2024 ????

While everyone is sleeping off the effects of too much food and beer - some of us are still working !!
Mr. Sang Bum Kim of Cocky Buffalo has been a great supporter to the fight industry and Vietnam boxers this year, and the big news is, he will be doing an iconic International show at Paradise City Korea on January 13th 2024.

This event will highlight three of Vietnam's best professionals - Nguyễn Văn Hải, Tran Van Thao and Dinh Hong Quân. 
These boxers are all booked in for huge bouts with foreign opponents, most notably Nguyễn Văn Hải. The "Hanoi Hitman" will take on Philippines 🇵🇭 star Genesis Servania, a winner of 33 of 36 fights.
Also appearing on the card is a very popular recent visitor to both Vietnam and VSP Gym - 🇧🇼 Botswana’s Moabi Ngaka.  
"The Eagle" will fight in Korea as a prelude to a big event planned for Maun Botswana on March 30th. Vietnam boxers will be represented at this show also.
More exciting developments coming soon.

#CockyBuffalo #vspgym #vietnamboxingorganization #vspboxing #vsppro #boxingvietnam #VSPPromotions #Webthethao #quickom
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December 26, 2023


Result from Tokyo, Japan:
🇯🇵 Naoya Inoue becomes undisputed super bantamweight champion with 10th-round KO of 🇵🇭 Marlon Tapales.
Elorde boxers
December 25, 2023


It wasn't pretty - but it was a lot of fun !
The loudest cheers of the night were for 18 year old Nguyễn Văn Tinh Em, who produced a high octane performance to outwork his opponent and win his first professional bout.
The win was even more amazing considering Nguyễn Văn Tinh Em has only been boxing for less than one year.
More wins to come.
Elorde boxers
December 24, 2023


Big thanks to the gentleman from the Vietnam Boxing Organization for their services at last night's VSP PRO 11 event.
Regulating professional boxing from within Vietnam is relatively new, and shows like last night are a great chance for both the boxers and the officials to build skills.
Thank you very much to Lim Song and the team at VBO for guiding us this year.
Hoping for big things in Vietnam 🇻🇳 boxing in 2024.

#vspboxing #vietnamboxingorganization #vspgym #vsppro #VSPPromotions #boxingvietnam
Elorde boxers
December 25, 2023


When you've got Inoue v Tapales ready to go !
Today's weigh in : Inoue 121.6 Tapales 121.2

On Tuesday, ​WBC/WBO junior featherweight titlist Naoya Inoue will face IBF/WBA counterpart Marlon Tapales in a 12-round contest at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan.

​The two will meet to decide who will claim the vacant Ring Magazine belt and become the undisputed champion at 122 pounds.

Inoue, The Ring’s No. 2 pound-for-pound fighter, has devoured all put before him en route to claiming world titles at 108, 115, 118 and 122 pounds. The big-punching Japanese “Monster” has confirmed his moniker in demolishing the likes of Omar Narvaez (KO 2), Jamie McDonnell (TKO 1), Juan Carlos Payano (KO 1) and Emmanuel Rodriguez (KO 2). However, it’s his pair of triumphs over four-weight world champion Nonito Donaire that provided Inoue with considerable acclaim. He edged Donaire (UD 12) in an instant classic that was later named 2019 Fight of the Year by The Ring, then stopped him in the second round of their rematch.

Inoue became the undisputed bantamweight champion when he dominated and stopped Paul Butler in 11 one-sided rounds. With nothing left to conquer at 118, Inoue moved up in weight and looked just as impressive as ever bludgeoning Stephen Fulton (TKO 8), the consensus No. 1-rated junior featherweight, to add the WBC and WBO belts to his growing list of accolades.

Tapales, The Ring’s No. 2-rated junior featherweight, worked his way up through the ranks in the Philippines before narrowly losing to David Sanchez (MD 12) in Mexico in 2013. In late 2015, he upset the previously unbeaten Shohei Omari (TKO 2) in a WBO bantamweight title eliminator in Japan. He then headed to Thailand and twice got off the canvas to stop Pungluang Sor Singyu (TKO 11) to pick up the belt. In his first defense, Tapales went back to Japan to face Omari in a rematch. Although he missed weight and was stripped of his title, he was able to stop Omari in the 11th round.

Over a year of inactivity followed, but Tapales returned with three wins before losing to Ryosuke Iwasa (TKO 11) in an IBF 122-pound title eliminator. He bounced back with three more wins, including an impressive stoppage over Hiroaki Teshigawara (TKO 2) in an IBF eliminator. He then met Murodjon Akhmadaliev in April 2023 for the IBF and WBA titles and surprised the defending champion by winning a 12-round split decision.

Inoue (25-0, 22 knockouts) is at the peak of his powers. He appears to be the more powerful man as well as the better boxer. Might this lead to overconfidence? It’s difficult to see what Tapales (37-3, 19 KOs) can do to beat Inoue. Perhaps he can show toughness, make it into a dogfight and hope to land something that can do some damage? While Inoue is expected to not just win but dominate, can he possibly be as awe-inspiring as he was against Fulton? Tapales has wanted this fight since he upset Akhmadaliev earlier this year. Do he and his team see a weakness in Inoue’s armor?
Elorde boxers
December 24, 2023


"It's not how we fall - it's how we get up again"
Crazy scenes in the undercard match last night when whiz kid Nguyễn Trung Khan got dropped hard in the final seconds of the opening round.
The knockdown meant Khan was behind 10-8 on the scorecards, and now needed to win all 3 remaining rounds to be victorious. 
Not an easy task when your opponent is NGUYỄN XUÂN HIẾU !!!
But junior champion Khan kept his cool, and went on to score a memorable debut win !
Elorde boxers
December 22, 2023

VSP PRO #11: Dương Đức Bảo vs. Phạm Bá Hợi - 53kg

Trận đấu tâm điểm của sự kiện chứng kiến tay đấm Dương Đức Bảo - HCV Muay trẻ thế giới 2022, người từng thắng knockout thuyết phục trước võ sỹ nhiều kinh nghiệm Lương Nguyễn Công Khải, so găng với nhà vô địch kickboxing SEA Games 30 Phạm Bá Hợi.

Dù rất được trông đợi nhưng sự cẩn trọng của hai võ sỹ khiến tốc độ trận đấu tương đối chậm. Hai hiệp đầu tiên không võ sỹ nào vượt trội hay tung ra được đòn đấm thực sự nặng ký. Những tình huống jab hay đấm móc trúng đích hiếm hoi dường như chia đều cho cả hai võ sỹ.

Ở hai hiệp cuối cùng kịch bản không thay đổi. Bá Hợi có một vài tình huống móc trái chất lượng và 1 cú upper-cut nhưng tiếc là chỉ đi trúng phần trán của Đức Bảo. Phải đến khoảng 2 phút cuối Đức Bảo mới tăng tốc áp sát và liên tục ra đòn khiến Bá Hợi khá vất vả phòng thủ, nhưng đột biến cũng không đến ở thời khắc này.

Không võ sỹ nào thực sự vượt trội, không ngạc nhiên khi cả 3 giám định đều chấm điểm cân bằng 38-38, đồng nghĩa với kết quả hòa cho Bá Hợi - Đức Bảo.

#Webthethao #VSPBoxing #boxing #quyenanh
Elorde boxers
December 22, 2023

VSP PRO #11: Nguyễn Xuân Hiếu vs. Nguyễn Trung Khán - 49kg

Trận áp chót của sự kiện thực sự gay cấn và suýt chút nữa có "địa chấn". Tay đấm trẻ tài năng Trung Khán nhanh chóng thể hiện kỹ thuật thi đấu cực tốt khi áp đảo Xuân Hiếu. Lối di chuyển thông minh cùng những combo đòn chất lượng, hiệu quả giúp Trung Khán tỏ ra vượt trội.

Nhưng bất ngờ đến ở cuối hiệp này khi Xuân Hiếu có cú móc trái nặng ký khiến Trung Khán ngã xuống sàn. Đòn knock-down của Xuân Hiếu khiến các khán giả thật sự phấn khích, dù nó chưa thể mang đến chiến thắng tức thì cho chủ nhân.

Bỏ lại phía sau "tai nạn" bất ngờ trên, nhìn chung cả 3 hiệp đấu còn lại Trung Khán đã thi đấu tốt hơn. Thể hình thấp không ngăn tay đấm trẻ này tung ra những cú đấm chất lượng giúp anh lội ngược dòng bằng chiến thắng bằng tính điểm không đồng thuận (2-1) trước Xuân Hiếu.

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Elorde boxers
December 22, 2023

VSP PRO #11: Huỳnh Đoàn Tuấn Thành vs. Nguyễn Văn Tình Em - 52kg

Phong cách "ngổ ngáo", lối đánh xông xáo áp sát đầy năng lượng giúp Nguyễn Văn Tình Em gây ra nhiều áp lực cho đối thủ. Tuy vậy, nhìn về hiệu quả ra đòn thì Huỳnh Đoàn Tuấn Thành cũng không kém cạnh, dù liên tục phải di chuyển nhằm giữ cự ly hợp lý.

Kịch bản ở hiệp 2 tiếp tục chứng kiến Tình Em "tăng tốc" gây áp lực. Chi tiết đáng chú ý nhất ở hiệp này là khoảng thời gian 30 giây cuối khi Tình Em liên tục dồn ép Tuấn Thành vào 2 góc đài và tung ra các combo đòn.

Trận đấu thực sự "nóng" lên ở khoảng 1 phút rưỡi cuối hiệp 4 khi Tình Em áp ra ra đòn liên tục trong khi Tuấn Thành thể lực suy giảm chỉ có thể di chuyển liên tục né đòn hoặc phòng thủ chịu trận. Dù không tìm thấy đòn knock-out nhưng chung cuộc Tình Em vẫn có chiến thắng thuyết phục khi cả 3 giám định chấm thắng 39-37 cho tay đấm này.

#Webthethao #VSPBoxing #boxing #quyenanh
Elorde boxers
December 22, 2023

VSP PRO #11: Đỗ Văn Thiện Ngân vs. Nguyễn Việt Anh - 57kg

Đỗ Văn Thiện Ngân tiếp đón "tân binh" sàn VSP Pro Nguyễn Việt Anh bằng các tổ hợp đòn chất lượng, hiệu quả. Rõ ràng kinh nghiệm thi đấu ở VSP Pro cùng lối đánh linh hoạt giúp Thiện Ngân thi đấu hiệu quả hơn. Các tình huống ra đòn của Thiện Ngân chất lượng hơn hẳn tay đấm trẻ Việt Anh đến từ thành Nam. Đã không ít lần những đòn jab uy lực của Thiện Ngân không ít lần xuyên qua tay chắn đi trúng mặt Việt Anh.

Không bất ngờ khi Thiện Ngân giành chiến thắng tuyệt đối với điểm số 40-36 từ cả 3 giám định.

#Webthethao #VSPBoxing #boxing #quyenanh
Elorde boxers
December 22, 2023

VSP PRO #11: Đặng Đức Huyên vs. Hoàng Nguyễn Minh Quân - 67kg

Tay đấm Đặng Đức Huyên tỏ ra rất tự tin và "ngầu" với khả năng chịu đòn, nhưng thực tế anh cũng dính đòn nhiều hơn hẳn từ đối thủ Hoàng Nguyễn Minh Quân. Chủ động áp sát, kết hợp hiệu quả các combo đòn từ body-shot và đến các cú đấm móc vào vùng mặt, Minh Quân ghi điểm tốt hơn ở 2 hiệp đầu tiên.

Kịch bản không thay đổi ở 2 hiệp cuối khi Minh Quân vẫn giữ thế chủ động và cũng không cần quá vội vã để tìm đòn knock-out. Trong khi đó, cách trả đòn "lắt nhắt" không giúp Đức Huyên tạo ra bất ngờ. Kết quả chung cuộc Minh Quân thắng điểm tuyệt đối khi cả 3 giám định đều chấm 40-36 nghiêng về tay đấm này.

#Webthethao #VSPBoxing #boxing #quyenanh
Elorde boxers
December 22, 2023

VSP PRO #11: Nguyễn Ngọc Quyền vs. Nguyễn Triệu Vy - 79kg

Trận đấu "nặng ký" nhất ở VSP Pro chứng kiến một màn đôi công hấp dẫn khác. Ở hạng cân tới 79 kg, những đòn đánh của cả hai tay đấm Ngọc Quyền và Triệu Vy đều rất chất lượng. Trong 2 hiệp đầu tiên không có võ sỹ nào thực sự vượt trội, nhưng rõ ràng những đòn móc trái phải của Triệu Vy để lại ấn tượng tốt hơn.

Hiệp 3 chứng kiến Triệu Vy tích cực di chuyển áp sát và anh cũng có một cú tay sau và một đòn móc rất mạnh khiến gương mặt của Ngọc Quyền bật ra phía sau. Rõ ràng thể lực của Ngọc Quyền đã xuống nhanh và đòn đánh của anh cũng thiếu chuẩn xác trước khả năng áp sát của Triệu Vy. Kịch bản này kéo sang hiệp 4 và không ngạc nhiên khi Triệu Vy giành chiến thắng chung cuộc bằng tính điểm, dù Ngọc Quyền nỗ lực vùng lên ở khoảng 20 giây cuối.

#Webthethao #VSPBoxing #boxing #quyenanh

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