FIGHT 1: Thai Hoang Huy v JonJon Estrada

FIGHT 1: Thai Hoang Huy v JonJon Estrada

November 30, 2022
FIGHT 1: Thai Hoang Huy v JonJon Estrada


FIGHT 1 Thai Hoang Huy v JonJon Estrada  


26 yrs old / Orthodox / Nak Su / 170cm / 57kg Featherweight

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam / Maxkado Gym HCMC

When talking about the fabled Vietnamese Tiger fighting spirit, they surely must have based the narrative around Thai Hoang Huy !

This former HCMC Muay Thai champion fell in love with boxing only in recent times, and will make his debut against an absolute killer named JonJon Estrada - a man who has created absolute carnage in just about every fight he contests.

Estrada has scored 15 wins as a professional and owns THE BEST knockout stats in the featherweight division - 14 of his victims have been put to sleep !

And Thai Hoang Huy has NEVER even competed in a boxing match !

His ring name is Nak Su, which naturally enough,means WARRIOR. .

So what are the upsides for this apparently “out of his depth” upstart Nak Su ?

Huy is big and strong, and has a hardened body and resolve from his years of Muay Thai. He is also very agile and athletic, and he likely holds a speed advantage over the Philippines’ Estrada.

Thai Hoang Huy is very aware of his assignment.against Estrada, and has studied the aggressive crouching style of his opponent, and the angles at which he leverages his biggest and most hurtful punches. He is confident that he has the game plan to subdue the destructive Wolverine., and he is looking forward to the challenge.

Huy is clearly the least experienced of these Vietnam debutants, and he has the most dangerous task, but if he can avoid knockout, then he certainly has the athletic prowess to have good moments in this match. It will clearly create huge interest to see how a Muay Thai champion fares with an absolute knockout artist in the boxing arena.


33 yrs old / Orthodox / Wolverine / 165cm / 57kg Featherweight

San Andres, Quezon, Philippines / VSP Elorde Gym Manila

JonJon Estrada is surely the Philippines’ most popular and iconic fighter!

The Wolverine JonJon Estrada is unleashed again this December, taking his superhero persona and hammer like fists to The Grand Ho Tram.

Estrada, known as "the Wolverine", has achieved cult status courtesy of his "don't die wondering" fighting style.

JonJon Estrada has perfected a low, stalking attack that has opponents constantly retreating, often to a violent demise. His record of 14 knockouts from his 15 wins paints a stark picture, as does his ominous bludgeoning of those that go toe to toe. The Wolverine had a blistering 2021, winning his last three bouts with stoppages that would get most men arrested ! And he carried that menace into 2022. And now it is Vietnam's turn !

Australian trainer Tony Del Vecchio sung the praises of JonJon Estrada recently :

" I love the pinoy style, they are always very physical, combative and exciting. They turn up to entertain, and to hurt. I have seen some big hitters in the Philippines, but I swear, this guy JonJon Estrada is the scariest puncher I have seen ! Man, the guy has a serious chin too, I saw him fight Suarez, and what can I say, I'm a big fan!"

The Wolverine is as complicated as he is simple. To defeat him, you need to avoid being knocked out. Sounds simple enough !

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