VSP Monthly Professional Boxing

VSP Monthly Professional Boxing

January 7, 2022
VSP Monthly Professional Boxing

On the last Saturday of each month, VSP Boxing gym will be hosting professional boxing events which will be recognized internationally. There will be 6~8 fights per month and it will be televised on major TV Network.

If you want to start pro boxing career, here is the procedure:

1. Register with your details blow.

2. You will be contacted for Fitness & Rules testing at VSP Boxing Gym. For fitness, you need to show that you can complete 4 rounds of sparring under professional rules.

3. You will be paid VND 500,000 per round. (Example: If you fight 4 rounds, you will be paid VND 2,000,000 regardless of loss or win)

4. You do not require testing if you are a member of National Boxing Team, Army Team, have finished in top 5 position in the latest national boxing championship, or a registered VSP Boxer.

5. Registration is FREE. Testing is also FREE.

For February 26th fight, note following timeline.

A. You are required to register before 21st of January.

B. You will be contacted by VSP Boxing to choose the timing of the fitness test at VSP Boxing gym.

C. The date of fitness testing is on Monday 24th January at VSP Boxing gym. You will be required to complete 4 rounds of sparring against an opponent chosen by us.

D. Two time slots are available for you to choose for your fitness test. 9:00~11:00 or 15:00~17:00.

E. Coaches of VSP Boxing will go over important rules of professional boxing you need to know. The training course is approximately 1 hour. The training will be provided on January 24th before the fitness test.

F. Final fight card for February 26th event will be published on Feb 3. Those boxers are required to sign an agreement with VSP Boxing for the event participation.

G. You will be required to come to official weigh in at 13:00 (VSP Boxing Gym) on February 25th. You need to also bring your clothing you will wear for inspection.

H. The official event will start at 19:00 on February 26th. You are required to come to VSP Boxing Gym by 18:00 or you will be disqualified automatically.

I. You will be paid AFTER the fight has been completed in cash.



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